Christmas Party 2007 Secrets


The Christmas Party is a hit and some things have been brought back from the Christmas 2006 like the Big Christmas tree that was at the Plaza before and low its located at the Ski Lodge and theres a bit more. You just have to search for them

I liked the Christmas Party 2006. It had a lot of snow and theres snow tunnels from :

Dock <-> Town <-> Snow Forts

<-> = Tunnels

There used to be a screenshot in the Wikipedia but somehow it was removed

If anyone has a screenshot at the Christmas Party 2006 at the town post it here!

 EDIT: I found a screen shot at the old achieve of CP official blog at the dock of CP it’s Here!


 There’s the free bell and the Coins for change stand at the Plaza and the Beach has shown on the diagram

The Free Reindeer Hat is at the dock

The old Santa hat from Christmas Party 2006 is back and its located on the same place, the Snow forts. If you had a Santa hat from last year you can’t get it because you have one. It isnt Different anyway

The Christmas Wearth Pin is at the lodge attic. You cannot reach it but click on it will make your penguin go closer to get the pin


2 Responses to “Christmas Party 2007 Secrets”

  1. jeffthe3rd Says:

    ya im first email me at for help on webkinz cp and habbo

    Editors Comment:
    What is this about?
    Is this about helping other Penguins?
    and what is habbo?

  2. hugo Says:

    [Comment Erased by Editors]

    Editors Comment:
    We dont advertise hacks or cheats that includes e-mailing an Username and password

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