Happy New Year Surprise is here!

The fireworks have arrived! They can be found at the iceburg and at the mountain. So be sure to check it out!


This is what the view at the mountain will look like.


This is the view at the iceburg.


If you look at the telescope at the Beacon, you will notice a small iceburg in the distance. It could be a new island that will appear on the CP map!


7 Responses to “Happy New Year Surprise is here!”

  1. drlilster Says:

    You copied that from my site. Lol! I don’t mind! 😀

    Editors Comment:
    I just copied the pictures and some words of it…well maybe 2 sentences but the last one I changed a bit of it
    ..oh yes the Newline button [Enter] I added that

  2. drlilster Says:

    And hey, have you ever wanted that little “Whos amung us box”? Ya know that box I have on my site that shows how many people are currently viewing my site? If you want one of those, simply paste this code below. And by the way, this a late Christmas gift for you. Be sure to enjoy it! It’s just as simple as getting the CP fan banner.

    Editors Comment:
    I just wonder about how do you get that
    Hey by editing this comment I can see the code

    I can’t even get the code to work….

  3. drlilster Says:

    Oh wait! Sorry, here’s the code here.

  4. drlilster Says:

    Look at the comment below actually! (For some reason, that code won’t show up in the comment….)

  5. drlilster Says:

    Sigh……..Sorry, you’ll have to find another way of getting it…

    Editors comment:
    😆 This is what I call comedy 😆
    Be sure to check out the Funny pic’s page under the page More CP stuff
    If you have a funny pic be sure to add it there
    I like the lost connection one 😆

  6. drlilster Says:

    Ok, I’ll add some funny pics to your page! I know how to make very funny ones! 😉

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