Stage Sneak Peek!

StageBig.gifHere the Pic for the next stage!

More news about the new stage is @

In other news: I know a lot of you are curious about Rockhopper and what he plans to do. More will be revealed soon, so keep checking the newspaper and keep an eye on things around town! 


New forums

I have a new forum

it can be found here:

Go there and regester and you can chat about any RPG game

like Dragonfable, Mechquest and of course Club Penguin

News: New Igloo Music!!


Theres new music for your igloo! 

If your a member and have a Jukebox, I suggest you listen to the music and if COOL, alright or anything else we would like you to comment on the Development Blog @ or here!


Theres the new Menu for the Igloo Music (not including the red circle)


Rockhoppers Back!

If you have read about the Bad news Neither here or @ You will know that he lost he’s ship (The Migrator) and Had to come on a rowboat.

 He will be back has usual but except the ship (that means you cant get or see anything else on the ship except the free item mencioned next)

The Free Item

The free item is the life vest

It can be found on the Beach

Screenshot of the Boat at the Beach


New Mission is here!

Fiesta Party!

For those of you who are secret agents (you know who you are… ), you will want to report to headquarters today to play the next mission. It is a continuation of the story from Mission 5, so you must finish that one before you can play this one.


If your not a Agent or cant finish the Mission go to

to find the answers to the quiz if your not a agent or/and find the walkthough for the Mission comming soon  The walkthough for Mission 6 is here!

Party Time!! (Secrets)

The Party Secrets

Pin: The pin is at the Forest (wave your mouse at the piniata to get the falling pin)

Free Item: The Free item is at the Dance Club

Screenshot of the Party

At the Coffee Shop

Fiesta Party!


Theres news at the CP Development blog (

Newspaper Secret and Bad News for Club Penguin

Newspaper Secret

In the newspaper, on the Aunt Artic article “Gift Shop Swap” on the top right you will see a Secret Agent’s code message. It has something to do with the mission. So click the top right there when you see the code, and something really cool will happen!

 Bad News

What Happened to Rockhopper!!

Has you see in the Pictures It looks like Rockhopper ran into an iceberg and his ship is slowly sinking.  The News continues in