Rockhoppers Back!

If you have read about the Bad news Neither here or @ You will know that he lost he’s ship (The Migrator) and Had to come on a rowboat.

 He will be back has usual but except the ship (that means you cant get or see anything else on the ship except the free item mencioned next)

The Free Item

The free item is the life vest

It can be found on the Beach

Screenshot of the Boat at the Beach



3 Responses to “Rockhoppers Back!”

  1. Dr.Lilster Says:

    This blog always seems like home to me because of the Elvis music. 🙂 And come chack out my site, I got a mini arcade widget under my site news box! And I picked a new theme and header.

    Editors comment:
    Why is my link to this site from your site under 1356 instead of Awesome links?

  2. Dr.Lilster Says:

    I don’t know, I’ve been trying to figure that out. It’s really weird…I’ll find out something.

    Editors comment:
    Try to contact surport and come to my new forum @

  3. Dr.Lilster Says:

    I made an account.

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