News: New Igloo Music!!


Theres new music for your igloo! 

If your a member and have a Jukebox, I suggest you listen to the music and if COOL, alright or anything else we would like you to comment on the Development Blog @ or here!


Theres the new Menu for the Igloo Music (not including the red circle)



3 Responses to “News: New Igloo Music!!”

  1. angela Says:

    where do i get igloo music in club penguin?i often go to penguin’s igloo but alot of penguins igloo have music and i have no idea where they got it!

    Editors comment
    You gotta be a member in CP
    if you are check out the Updated part of this topic

  2. Dr.Lilster Says:

    Yay! That’s my igloo music pic!

    Editors Comment:
    😆 😆

  3. Dr.Lilster Says:

    I can always tell it’s mine. It is obviously from my site. Though I like people posting my pics and stuff on their site!

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