Alot of Changes at this blog

There was a lot of changes at this blog

 The changes

1.New welcoming message

2.New swf page (view things in the CP game without logging in!)

3.New Club Penguin Music @

4.Deleted the CP development blog (

5.New page for Dr.Lilster screenshot thing..

Enjoy the updates


8 Responses to “Alot of Changes at this blog”

  1. Dr.Lilster Says:

    Great you made the page! Click here for the post with the code.

    If “here” doesn’t have the link provided, use this link:

  2. Dr.Lilster Says:

    Actually, click here! (Does it work now?)

  3. Dr.Lilster Says:

    NOOOOOO! It only works on posts and pages for me! 😥

  4. Dr.Lilster Says:

    And by the way, I made you 2nd admin of my blog!!!!!

  5. Dr.Lilster Says:

    Oops, my bad! I have to know your e-mail in order to make you 2nd admin of my site! Sorry! (Please don’t reveal your e-mail to me if you’re not comfortable please.)

    Editors Comment:
    That is a lot of comments 😆
    and the code doesnt work 😦

    has for the 2nd admin….
    I have to get thinking about this……
    Be careful of those hackers that act like me

  6. Dr.Lilster Says:

    You’re having hackers? I hate hackers. I got 1 on my CP account once.

  7. Dr.Lilster Says:

    Oh wait I know why the code doesn’t work. You must’ve copied the “?” at the front of the code. I left a note saying do not copy the first letter in the code, (Which is a “?”.) Always start at this point of the HTML: . Go back to the page and double check.

  8. Dr.Lilster Says:

    Oh wait, any part of HTML doesn’t work on comments. Silly me.

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