Hi again

I was kinda of busy playing with the exciting RPG game instead of updating the site

I will be back again on the right track someday and enjoy my new cool site


A new game, Aqua Grabber!

A new game came out and its called Aqua Grabber!



If you win you get a gold pin!

and yes its in the Iceburg

CP Official Blog – Party Extended!


Hello Penguins!

We’ve heard from a lot of you about how much you’re enjoying the party and want it to stick around a little longer. We think it’s a great idea and we’ve decided to extend the party until Friday, February 22!  Thanks for letting us know what you want!

In other news:  If all goes well with testing, Club Penguin’s newest game will be launched tomorrow!  You will be able to pilot a submarine to find the missing pieces of Rockhopper’s ship!  Be sure to check it out tomorrow (and find out the invention’s name that you helped decide!) and let us know what you think!

Until then… Waddle On!

– Club Penguin Team

To Dr.Lilster (about the admin stuff)

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Alot of Changes at this blog

There was a lot of changes at this blog

 The changes

1.New welcoming message

2.New swf page (view things in the CP game without logging in!)

3.New Club Penguin Music @ http://coolbestmusic.wordpress.com/

4.Deleted the CP development blog (http://cpofficialblog.wordpress.com)

5.New page for Dr.Lilster screenshot thing..

Enjoy the updates



….and another Water party goes again 😆



The anchor pin’s at the cove. (It moves at two places at the cove)


The Yellow Snorkels are located in the treasure chest in the Forest. (Looks like X marks the spot 😆 )


Seashell belt is at the Book room


Party Sneak Peek @ Friday


On Friday there’s a party planned for this coming weekend and believe me you don’t want to miss it! I saw a bit of it today and I’ve never seen anything like it in Club Penguin. I know they inspired the artists working on this party. They have introduced some new and never before seen stuff and have remembered to bring back a few favorite elements of past parties. It starts on Friday and will go until Wednesday!

The party isn’t the only thing happening! There’s another very big development coming soon that a lot of you will be excited about. This will be announced on another day!