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Revealing the secret egg locations

Here is how to find all the eggs in the Easter Egg Hunt. The first Easter egg is on the Lantern in the Mines. Click on it to get it.


The second Easter Egg is at the Dock on a post.


The third Easter Egg can be found by clicking the Red Puffle at the Pet Shop.


The fourth Easter Egg is at the Book Room. Click the green plant at the top of the shelf.


The fifth Easter Egg is at the Gift Shop. Click the poster.


The sixth Easter Egg is at the Plaza. Click the Lantern between the Pet Shop and the Stage.


The seventh Easter Egg is at the Attic. Point your cursor to open the box, the egg will pop out.


The eighth Easter Egg is in the Dojo. It disappears and reappears at different spots on the wall. This is my favorite egg because it’s a ninja! Click it before it disappears again.


Click the egg in the upper right corner and select claim prize.


You get Green Bunny Ears! Happy Easter!


A new furniture catalog came out today. The furniture catalog secrets are the same except you can’t get the Moosehead anymore by clicking the Cash Register.

Billybob released a CPIP wallpaper which you can get here. Notice how the penguin working hard is orange. ;)

Upcoming News

Update: The Migrator has even MORE new parts on it now. Point your cursor at the lever to watch them lower the front hull onto the ship.


There are even more parts on The Migrator now. The front end of the Migrator’s already done. I can’t wait for the step when we can find a way of contacting Rockhopper.


The Easter Egg Hunt will be here TOMORROW. Stay tuned to find out where the eggs are. There will no doubt be a free item at the end of it.


And the April Fool’s Day Party will start next week from March 28th to April 2nd. Last year’s party was amazing (I have some pics of it in my Holiday Funny Pics Page) so I’m hoping this year will be even more amazing.


Secret Timer on Club penguin

 This is from cpmonster’s site
Well today I discovered a new timer in CP. It is designed to limit your time on Club Penguin and it only work’s on the Test servers.
If you actually go to the http://play.clubpenguin.co.uk/load.swf and then log in to the server, after you’ve done this make the screen smaller.
Then you’ll see this weird timer appear and your parent’s are supposed to set it to limit your playing time. Here is a picture of it:
If you have it set it will automatically shut off CP and you’ll have to re-log in. This is what will appear when the time has ran out of minute’s:
I dont understand why they’d do this.