Ok I’m right back to posting

First there is a Music Jam shirt at the plaza

Secondly there is a pair of maracas at the cove which look like and are the ones in 2007

Thirly there is a music note at the pool

and there is a new game called the DJ3K which you can play at the dance club

I canntpost pictures because I need to free time to update the theme and the widgets so sit tight and say WOW to the new site!


St. Patricks Day Party

The Gigantic St. Patrick’s Day Hat free item is in the Ski Village.


The Book pin is in the Boiler Room.


The Play, Space Adventure (and all its costumes), has returned to the Stage. Nonmember can buy the playercard background in the Catalog.


And there is a new Yearbook available in the Book Room (2005-2006). It talks about the first year of CP.


And Billybob, Rsnail, and Screenhog announced that they will have a CPIP Tester Party on Test Server 1 on Friday, the 14th, at 4:15 Pacific Standard Time (Which is Club Penguin’s time zone. Use the Snow Forts clock).

Check out all the rooms in CP. Everything is very well decorated! And check out the Band in the Night Club!

A new game, Aqua Grabber!

A new game came out and its called Aqua Grabber!



If you win you get a gold pin!

and yes its in the Iceburg



….and another Water party goes again 😆



The anchor pin’s at the cove. (It moves at two places at the cove)


The Yellow Snorkels are located in the treasure chest in the Forest. (Looks like X marks the spot 😆 )


Seashell belt is at the Book room


Free Stuff

I’m quite in a hurry but I can tell you wheres the free item

Its a hardhat and its in the iceburg (go to the Club Penguin Cheats Page to find where is the iceburg)

If you dance with only your hard hat you get a drill and start mining 😆

Rockhoppers Back!

If you have read about the Bad news Neither here or @ http://cpofficialblog.wordpress.com/ You will know that he lost he’s ship (The Migrator) and Had to come on a rowboat.

 He will be back has usual but except the ship (that means you cant get or see anything else on the ship except the free item mencioned next)

The Free Item

The free item is the life vest

It can be found on the Beach

Screenshot of the Boat at the Beach


Party Time!! (Secrets)

The Party Secrets

Pin: The pin is at the Forest (wave your mouse at the piniata to get the falling pin)

Free Item: The Free item is at the Dance Club

Screenshot of the Party

At the Coffee Shop

Fiesta Party!


Theres news at the CP Development blog (http://cpofficialblog.wordpress.com)