Ok I’m right back to posting

First there is a Music Jam shirt at the plaza

Secondly there is a pair of maracas at the cove which look like and are the ones in 2007

Thirly there is a music note at the pool

and there is a new game called the DJ3K which you can play at the dance club

I canntpost pictures because I need to free time to update the theme and the widgets so sit tight and say WOW to the new site!


Secret Timer on Club penguin

 This is from cpmonster’s site
Well today I discovered a new timer in CP. It is designed to limit your time on Club Penguin and it only work’s on the Test servers.
If you actually go to the http://play.clubpenguin.co.uk/load.swf and then log in to the server, after you’ve done this make the screen smaller.
Then you’ll see this weird timer appear and your parent’s are supposed to set it to limit your playing time. Here is a picture of it:
If you have it set it will automatically shut off CP and you’ll have to re-log in. This is what will appear when the time has ran out of minute’s:
I dont understand why they’d do this.

Ninja on Club Penguin

Found from cpmonster’s site

There has always been a big wondering of if there has been ninja’s on Club Penguin.
Well we can strongly agree that CP is giving some hints to us.
Like shadow’s of  ninja penguin’s.
Here are actually where they all are located:
The first one’s in the  Lodge.
It is in the mirror by the fireplace:
The second one is in  the Lighthouse.
Its by the fishing net:
These are very good guesses of ninja’s actually existing in CP.
There has’t ever been a ninja event in the dojo before and that is very strange, because
if you think of it there really hasn’t ever been a mentioning on Club Penguin about ninja’s.
I have frequently e-mailed the support team about possibly having a ninja theme and there response
was they can not give out any upcoming events. So that give’s a hint of them actually bring out a theme
or party with the NINJA theme. Here  is a look at a actually image of a ninja:
ninja.jpgThis is what a ninja might look like. It has the ninja suit and mask.
There has also been like multiple times of people actually trying to cheat to get the actual maske and suit and first off it is hacking and second it is only a trainer which means you only can see it.
So don’t ever try to hack an item because just like the recent trainer it will ban you for life.
I believe there will be a thing to do with ninja’s just have no idea when they will bring it out.
Well I have also made a new poll up for you to vote on if you think ninja’s are real or not.
Well and also if you see hackers doing stuff like this below, dont be surprised just report whoever it is to make them realize hacking isn’t good. Here is a ninja dancing on the DANCE CLUB. D

St. Patricks Day Party

The Gigantic St. Patrick’s Day Hat free item is in the Ski Village.


The Book pin is in the Boiler Room.


The Play, Space Adventure (and all its costumes), has returned to the Stage. Nonmember can buy the playercard background in the Catalog.


And there is a new Yearbook available in the Book Room (2005-2006). It talks about the first year of CP.


And Billybob, Rsnail, and Screenhog announced that they will have a CPIP Tester Party on Test Server 1 on Friday, the 14th, at 4:15 Pacific Standard Time (Which is Club Penguin’s time zone. Use the Snow Forts clock).

Check out all the rooms in CP. Everything is very well decorated! And check out the Band in the Night Club!

Check out the Book room!!!

pblcover.jpgThere is a new game!!

Follow those pictures to help you find the game

Step 1 – go to the library @ the bookroom

Step 2 – Click one of the books to enter the game.

Step 3 – Then the game will appear! And don’t forget to play the example before your 1st play!

A new game, Aqua Grabber!

A new game came out and its called Aqua Grabber!



If you win you get a gold pin!

and yes its in the Iceburg