Opening page…..

Hi again

I thought that we can make another update

and I thought that how about a opening page?

This can be risky and thats why I made another blog @

Comment here what you think about it


To Dr.Lilster (about the admin stuff)

Message deleted by forums12345

Alot of Changes at this blog

There was a lot of changes at this blog

 The changes

1.New welcoming message

2.New swf page (view things in the CP game without logging in!)

3.New Club Penguin Music @

4.Deleted the CP development blog (

5.New page for Dr.Lilster screenshot thing..

Enjoy the updates

New Pin, February Clothing Catalog 2008, and about Rockhopper secrets

The New Pin

The new rowboat Pin is at the lighthouse


Clothing Catalog Secrets

Click the colourful pin on the White Admiral Jacket for the Green Snorkel


Click on the Russian hat for the Red Viking Helmet (Close and open the Red Viking Helmet 4 times for the Blue Viking helmet)


What is Rockhopper doing now?

Rockhopper has left Club Penguin in his rowboat. Check the telescope.


And the Save the Migrator Project blueprint is at the Beach.


News: New Igloo Music!!


Theres new music for your igloo! 

If your a member and have a Jukebox, I suggest you listen to the music and if COOL, alright or anything else we would like you to comment on the Development Blog @ or here!


Theres the new Menu for the Igloo Music (not including the red circle)


New Music Player

has you can see I’ve putted a Music Player on the bottom-left Widget.

Press Play to play the music and fast forward for the next song

If you want to suggest a song post it here:

Let it snow! Let it snow!

Has you can see I enabled the Snow Flakes on the blog

They will be here until January 2nd of 2008


P.S You should check out Matt Mullenweg true story!