Old Club Penguin Cheats

Below are the Archived and old CP cheats and the recent secrets are at https://bestclubpenguincheatsandtips.wordpress.com/club-penguin-cheats/

Fuzzy look:
Press Minus during game play and the screen will change to a fuzzy look

Secret places:

Go to the map and click on the:

The dojo is on the purplish mountain.
The iceberg is the floating ice in the water.
The lighthouse brings you to the beach.
The mining shack is the snow drift to the right of the forts.
The sewer in the plaza brings you to the ice caves.
The upper right speaker in the dance club brings you to the boiler room.
The first closet at the sport shop is the entrance to the secret agent HQ

Note: Always click at the same time.

          Key / Effect

ET shows a music note and makes a noise
EI shows an igloo
EP shows a blue puffle
ES shows a skull
ED shows a sun (the D stands for day)
EF shows a flower
EG shows a game controller
EH shows a red heart
EL shows a fourleaf clover (the L stands for lucky)
EZ shows a slice of pizza (the Z stands for the z’s in pizza)
EC shows a cup of coffee
EN shows a moon and stars (the N stands for night)
EM shows a coin (the M stands for money)
E1 shows a laughing face
E2 shows a smiley face
E3 shows a straight face
E4 shows a frowning face
E5 shows a surprised face
E6 shows a face sticking out tongue
E7 shows a winking face
E8 shows a green sickly face
E9 shows a red angry face
E0 shows a red angry face
Shift! shows a large !
Shift? shows a large ?

Different dances:

Wear the coffee apron to pour coffee.

Wear the chef’s hat to make pizza.

Wear water wings and/or the inflatable duck to swim.

Wear a Hawaiian lei and/or a grass skirt to hula.

Wear a hard hat or a mining hat to drill using a jackhammer.

Wear the lasso to twirl it around.

Press the indicated key to use the corresponding command.

Effect Key
Dance D
Wave (or wear a whistle) W
Sit S
Throw a snowball T
Tell a joke J
Say yes Y
Say ok O
Say hello H
Say good-bye B
Say no N

Astro Barrier:
On the level 11 turnal wait for about 25 seconds for a blue ship to appear. Shoot it, then the secret levels will be available.

On level 7, when it tells you about the blue dots hit it. You will gain an extra life.

On level 11, shoot the orange switch and the other things to get extra points.

Sometimes clicking on the jokes, riddles, or poems at the top with allow you to read bonus ones.

When you put your mouse on Aunt Artics face it shows her wearing spy glasses

Pizzatron 3000: Dessert mode:
Click the giant red lever on the pizza machine until it turns to play in Dessert mode.

Perfectly healthy Puffles:
Click on the Puffle. Have it take a bath. Feed it before it gets done taking a bath. You now have a perfect Puffle.

Special Puffle tricks:
Make sure they are well fed and rested then play with them. Look at Perfect Healthly Puffles Cheat

Green Puffle: Uses propeller cap

Blue Puffle: Bounces ball on its head

Black Puffle: Catches fire and fly around the room

Pink Puffle: Uses the trampoline

Ice fishing:
In the end keep a fish and do not let it go. Keep it in the water and let the big one eat it. You Get 50 Bonus Coins

 Bean Counters:
If you carry six bags you fall.

The anvil, fish, and flower pot fall in the same place the entire game.

Hint: Hidden animations:
Click the door of the coffee shop on the home page. A penguin comes out.

Click the penguin above the “Login” button to have it appear with different colors and costumes.

While on the home page of Club Penguin, look at the very top. You should see the Coffee Shop, the Night Club, the Gift Shop, and a penguin. Click on the “N” on the Night Club. The penguin should now look like a ninja. Then, click on the penguin several times. It will change into different clothes. Next, go to the “Contact Us” page. Look at where the three buildings are located. The penguin is not there anymore, but put your pointer over the Coffee Shop door then quickly over the Gift Shop door. Two penguins should waddle out towards each other. When they meet they will say, “Hello!” and switch buildings.

Go to http://play.clubpenguin.com/load.swf page and login, Press F11 to make it full screen, when you’re in the game click on the white part below your chat area and your penguin will walk right down and your finally nubbin.

Walk on walls
First, go to town and stand 1 inch above your chat bar. Now click the tree near the arrow sign, just one click then immediately click on the coffee shop door. To go back and forth, just click the path way going to the dock then click the coffee shop door again.

Walking with a newspaper
First, go to http://play.clubpenguin.com/load.swf then go inside the book room and wait until somebody starts a game, join in when the ‘Do you want to join the game’ appears, click yes and go to the couch very fast. Drag a player card to the left and make sure the mail button is againts the left screen then click on the newspaper, now send a mail to anyone then dance. Now go to the town then go back to the place where you did the newspaper dance, you should be walking with a paper now. To check if it really works, try asking your friends.

Dancing with a newspaper
Go to http://play.clubpenguin.com/load.swf then click on anyone so that their player card will appear on your screen, drag the player card all the way to left corner and make sure the mail button is against the edge of the screen. Open the newspaper then click on the send mail button and send a message to that person, click on the actions button then dance.

Walking on lighthouse walls
First, go behind the fish filled bucket, then click on the door very quickly and click on the top of the room. If you executed the steps correctly, you will be walking on the lighthouse walls.

Robot dance
Take all of your penguin’s clothes off, so that all you can see is the paint. Click the star on your player card and wear the clown set, then move the window so that you will be able to see the actions button. Now choose dance, but take note that this glitch only works on client side which means only you can see it. Also, try doing it with other stuff on.

105 buddies
For you to have 105 buddies, you’ll need to have 99 buddies or less. Click all of the people you want to be friends with, then wait 1 to 3 minutes for them to say yes. Go to your mail thingy and click ok to accept all friend requests. Now you will have more than 100 buddies.

Appear near the arrow sign
Go to the town then walk into the night club, once your inside click the top right corner on the exit door, keep clicking while its loading. Once it loaded completely you should appear by the arrow sign closest to the dock.

Stand on top of another penguin
Find a penguin you would like to stand on top of. Once you have chosen your target, push and hold down the tab button on your keyboard, however your mouse must be over your target while holding the key. Your cursor will turn into a regular mouse pointer and click on your target.


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