A few reasons why you should go to our site

There are a few reasons why you should view the site

  1. Dial Up friendly – if you have DU instead of Broadband don’t worry its fine because there’s no videos or other stuff that take a long time to load
  2. Computer friendly – Your computer is safe when you view the site because there is no virus or spyware hidden in the site or links directing to a virus program or site
  3. 100% hack free – We never hack on CP so there is no programs that can jam your CP account or/and your computer
  4. No excess spelling or grammar mistakes – i WILL neer type lIke ths
  5. Site can be readable – We carefully choose our background or text colour so you dint get blind by looking at this site
  6. Club Penguin Updating – We try to keep on updating the site when a new thing comes along in CP, this includes cheats, tips and hints

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