Funny Pictures

Welcome to the funny pictures of Club Penguin! 

Weeeee I jump the long then, what the? waaaaaaaaaaa I’m falling!


 Hey who put me here?


This ain’t looking good!




This is a Box… Box with ATTUTUDE!

Box with attitude

I tried to miss school and…


Cool a Dancing Penguin!!!… on the top of the Night Club? WTF?


Reader Submissions

 Dr lilister:

Do you want to sue Dora the Explorer?

Murder Elmo MuhHahaHa!

More Sueing MuhaHahHAHha


Being bold…


more coming soon!

If you have a funny pic that you want us to post

Post the link to your picture on your comment here!


16 Responses to “Funny Pictures”

  1. drlilster Says:

    Ok, I have one! Well, I can’t really put the pic here, but here’s the link to one that I made: Too big… Paste this into the long box thingy and you’ll get to the pic.

    ~Dr.Lilster 8)

    Bold: Edited by the Editor

  2. drlilster Says:

    And here’s a few other pics: Done Done Done

    Enjoy them!

    ~Dr.Lilster 8)

    Editors Comment
    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    Bold: Edited by the Editor

  3. drlilster Says:

    Like them? Their funny! And if you want more, feel free to come here:

    Editors Comment:
    Can I post some pictures from your site to mine?
    Anyway its funny! 😆 😆 😆 😆

  4. Dr.Lilster Says:

    Yeah, sure. I don’t really mind! 😀

  5. Dr.Lilster Says:

    And here’s a new one. 😉

    Editors Reply:
    I went into your site and you said you don’t update often
    and any chance of my being into a editor for your site
    I can update your site often
    and school work?!? I don’t get these until the 4th Feb (when School holidays are over)

    and boy am I hungry from looking at your pie picture.
    Looks like I’m having pie for lunch
    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  6. Dr.Lilster Says:

    YOU’RE SO LUCKY!!! You get no school work till FEB.4, whoa-oa! I’m only in 5th grade and I got schoolwork in like the middle of September!

  7. Dr.Lilster Says:

    And here’s a pic, please post because I worked pretty hard to make it. I didn’t copy any pics to make it, I just made the whole thing. *AND IT WAS TORCHER!*

  8. Dr.Lilster Says:

    Oh wait, That’s Rebie’s that I translated from. Oops! Please click this link instead.

  9. Dr.Lilster Says:

    Could you please delete all these comments? There’s too much.

    Editors Comment:
    I dont mind if theres over 100 comments on one page
    But if there were I will be happy 🙂

  10. Dr.Lilster Says:

    Yeah you’re right! It would seem like you’re famous with a bunch of comments on your blog! Lol! 😆 😆

  11. Dr.Lilster Says:

    And here’s a few other pics, they’re not funyn pics, but their pics of my member penguin, Natwrotecraz. These pics are just for you to know my penguin.

    Editors Comment:
    My Penguin name is really not Forum Admin or The Administrator
    My Club Penguin Name will just remain Anoymous

  12. Dr.Lilster Says:

    I know it’s maybe not Forum Admin, but I don’t know your penguin name, so I’ll just call you Forum Admin.

  13. fdsafdsafdsafdsa Says:

    post ur account at -link Deleted by the Administrator-

    Editors Comment:
    Why dont you post it @ ?

  14. Dr.Lilster Says:

    Hey Forum Admin, here’s a new pic. Sorry I havn’t really given anything to you lately. But here’s one. PS:Create a “slideshow” page. I am creating a new slideshow by me specially for you to put on your site. All you have to do is paste the slideshow’s code. I’ll give it to you once my show is complete…

  15. Dr.Lilster Says:

    Sorry, slideshow’s gonna have to wait!

  16. Ricky 468 Says:

    yo that a cool thing!!!!
    i like the one wherre it sed u can teleport to school i was rofl like man dude lol!!

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