Rate our site

Here you can rate our site and tell us what do you think. Also if you have any ideas how can we be better for our site, post it here!

And If you can put a 1/10 rating and tell us why

  • Presentations
  • Cheats
  • Hints
  • Secrets
  • And more good stuff!

3 Responses to “Rate our site”

  1. drlilster Says:

    I’ll rate your blog about a 9/10. Good job! Almost 10/10!

    Editor’s Reply

  2. drlilster Says:

    Hey guess what? You’re on my top clicks on my blog at drlilster.wordpress.com! If you look at the very last widget at the bottom of the site, you’ll see your site’s name! It’s so cool!

    Editors Comment
    If you think about it my site’s name is a bit catchy
    and I think I noitced the link in your site already

    You should find a comment made by me (not logged in for some reason) that is on that CP forums you made

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