Basic Guide to Club Penguin

This page is for all the new penguin on Club Penguin who dont know all the basics for Club Penguin


To make your penguin waddle around to different places, all you have to do is click on the spot that you want your penguin to go. If you want to get inside a shop, just click the doorway of a shop.


Have you ever wondered how people make there penguin sit down, or wave?

Well, all you have to do is click on the button on the blue bar with the picture of the penguin sitting on it [in between the chat bar and the smiley face bar]. Then you click one of the listed actions!

But there is an action that is not listed on that menu, its the noise action. So here is a list of keyboard shortcuts to each action.

Sit= ‘S’

Wave= ‘W’

Farting Noise= ‘E&T’

Dance= ‘D’


To use an emoticon, all you have to do is click the button with the picture of a smiley face on it, which is located on the blue bar on the bottom of your screen. Then you choose from the emoticons listed on the menu.


You can use these keyboard shortcuts:

Flower= ‘E&F’

Heart= ‘E&H’

Sun= ‘E&D’

Skull= ‘E&S’

Lucky Clover= ‘E&L’

Coffee Cup= ‘E&C’

Pizza= ‘E&Z’

Game Controler= ‘E&G’


Moon and Stars= ‘E&N’

Coin= ‘E&M’

Igloo= ‘E&I’

Throwing SnowBalls.

To through a snowball, click the button on the blue bar with a picture of a snowball on it or press T , an aimer should appear, now click where you want to throw your snowball!

Adding a Buddy.

A buddy list acts like a friends list. To add a penguin to your buddy list, click on the penguin you wish to add. A blue player card should appear. Now, click on the smiley face button in the bottom left-hand corner of the player card. It will ask you if your sure- click yes. If the other player accepts, they should appear on your buddy list.

Wheres your buddy list?!

Click on the smiley face button on the RIGHT SIDE of the chat bar next to the star button.

Telling a pre-set joke.

All you have to do is press ‘T&J’.

Reporting a player.

Click the penguin you wish to report. a player card will appear. then you click the button with the picture of a little badge with an ‘M’ on it. Then you must choose the most appropriate options for the offence.

NOTE: Only report a player if they have actually done something wrong. Because reporting can get the player banned.

And if you are caught reporting players for no reason your account can be terminated.

-Becoming a tour guide-

Wanna become a tour guide? heres how.

You have to be a member of club penguin for at least 40 days and not banned in the past month of enquiring.

Then, you go to ski village, and click on the tour guide stall.

then you click on the link down the bottom of the window and it should open up a quiz.

take the quiz [answering ALL questions correctly] and submit it. All answers are in this page:

-Becoming a secret agent-

To become a secret agent, you must be at least 30 days old, and never been banned in the past month of enquiring.

Then you click on the police badge with an ‘M’ on it in the top right-hand corner.

Then you take the quiz [answering ALL answers correctly] and submit it.

Then you log out and log back in.

Open up your player card and you should have a spy phone, if you dont see one, that means you must have got a question wrong. go back and do the quiz again and repeat this process until you see a spy phone.

Once you have your spy phone, click on it and it should come up… now you can go to HQ!

All answers on the quiz and Secret Agent Missions are found here:

-Using the map-

To use the map, click the map icon in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

A window should appear.

There are secret places on the map, explore the map by running your cursor over it etc. to find the secret locations. or if your want to know the secret places go to

-Changing Furniture (turning on TV etc.)-

To turn on your TV or change any other piece of furniture, all you have to do is press the  up or down keys on your keyboard! Simple!

-Need to know more?-

If you need to know more, just ask! comment on this page: Tell me what I should include in my guide comment here!


2 Responses to “Basic Guide to Club Penguin”

  1. oga boga Says:

    hi i was just wondering how to talk fast when u are a tour guide like this is the ski village and bla bla bla so on plz help

  2. cool Says:

    😎 awsome

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